A24 horror film ‘Talk To Me’ comes to life in Fortnite integration

A24 horror film ‘Talk To Me’ comes to life in Fortnite integration

Dive Brief:

  • Upcoming horror movie “Talk To Me,” set to premiere July 28, integrated the film into Fortnite Creative’s “Deadpines: Zombie Survival” title, per information shared with Marketing Dive. The tie-up marks the first time a horror movie has appeared on the platform globally.
  • The integration features a playable experience intended to mirror the atmosphere of the movie, inclusive of notable locations like the Seance Room. The experience culminates with a final challenge in a haunted mansion, where players can unlock in-game rewards.
  • Additional advertising for the effort includes in-game billboards and an advertising campaign in the U.K. and Ireland that will span broadcaster video-on-demand, social media and TV spots. The “Talk To Me” gaming tie-up is expected to reach over 1 million people during its run, which lasts through Aug. 13.

Dive Insight:

Brand’s aren’t the only ones turning to Fortnite for interactive campaigns, but movies as well. The “Talk To Me” horror integration could fare well within a game like “Deadpines: Zombie Survival,” which challenges players to eliminate hordes of zombies while simultaneously unraveling the eerie story behind the fictitious town of Deadpines. The game has been successful, having reached over 17 million players worldwide, per release details. 

Havas Entertainment devised the gaming integration, in-game ads and accompanying marketing campaign, and the effort was brokered in collaboration with the Livewire Group. Metaverse game developer Gamefam, who created, owns and operates the “Deadpines” game, built and developed the “Talk To Me” integration.

Intended to play on the already spooky nature of the game, the “Talk To Me” gameplay tasks players to battle through torrential rain and lightning in search of a haunted house, where they must fight to stay alive against supernatural forces. The movie, which was created with U.K. studio Altitude, similarly follows a group of friends who get carried away after learning to conjure spirits, ultimately unleashing dangerous supernatural forces. 

Extending a hand to the massive following of the popular Fortnite game could help “Talk To Me,” which is being distributed in the U.S. by indie powerhouse A24, gain traction with key audiences. A survey from TGI Research cited by Altitude in release details indicate that 45% of horror fans who are 18- to 29-years-old have a strong interest in gaming, with the same to be said for 36% of 30- to 40-year-old horror fans. 

“The horror film category is notoriously tricky to gain cut-through, that’s why it’s critical to disrupt and entertain. Our ambitious integration with Fortnite Creative puts Altitude on the hype train in the lead up to release to meet horror fans where they reside,” said Robyn Flowers, client partner for Havas Entertainment in release details.

In addition to the film’s playable Fortnite experience, messaging via in-game billboards across the gaming world is meant to mirror a more traditional out-of-home experience. Additionally, reward videos will push trailer aspects within the game. Outside of the game, a multi-channel ad campaign in the UK and Ireland will help promote the film, and Google Search strategies will be prioritized in effort to ensure full-funnel exposure, per release details.

Worth noting, the “Talk To Me” activation is independently created and not affiliated with Fortnite’s owner, Epic Games. Fortnite allows anyone to create content for the platform. Other brands to take advantage of the platform include Axe, which worked with a popular Fortnite streamer to create a “Mistaverse.”

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