The Division Resurgence Gets New Trailer & Closed Beta Test In Europe

The Division Resurgence Gets New Trailer & Closed Beta Test In Europe

Published: Dec 7th, 2022, 18:29

The upcoming mobile version of The Division, The Division Resurgence, has a new trailer

The Division Resurgence has released both a new trailer and details on an upcoming beta test in Europe that starts tomorrow and runs until later this month with a rather large array of content on offer.

The beta will include the following content according to Ubisoft themselves:

  • Seven Missions
  • 12 Sice Quests
  • Four Classes
  • Four Open-World Activities 
  • Daily and Weekly Quests
  • Weekly Targets
  • Dark Zone
  • Conflict Zone
A World Divided, Again

The beta itself will run in specifically western European counties and on specific Android devices between December 8th and December 22nd. You can register for the beta on the official site.

The new entry into Ubisoft’s Division IP was announced back in July as being a free-to-play title. It’ll be a third-person RPG shooter just like the other games in the series, but it’ll be available on Android and iOS systems. While a beta test is taking place incredibly soon, there’s still no real inkling or potential release date for the full version of the game, which may suggest that Ubisoft is holding that close to its chest for a reason.

Either that or the game will show up at The Game Awards 2022.


Written by Ryan Easby

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