How to find Leiptr Alloy in God of War

How to find Leiptr Alloy in God of War

Leiptr Alloy is one of the hardest resources to come by in God of War but there’s one method to find it.

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There is a myriad of resources to find and collect in God of War. From the ever-so-common Hacksilver to something rarer like Frozen Flame, players can spend hours searching for all of the resources they need to upgrade their gear or buy more advanced pieces of it. However, Leiptr Alloy might just be the rarest of all of the resources within God of War. 

Leiptr Alloy is something that many players might not even know exists within the game. The use for the resource is to solely upgrade Kratos’ Leviathan Axe Pommel. This means that if players want to upgrade the ax to one of the best pommels, they need to find Leiptr Alloy somewhere on the map. The location for the resource can be found below.

Finding Leiptr Alloy in God of War

There are only two ways to acquire Leiptr Alloy in God of War. The first way is to defeat Magni and Modi, the brothers of the Baldur. This is an unskippable part of the main story, which means as long as you pick up the resources dropped by the enemies, you’ll acquire Leiptr Alloy. 

However, if you need more of it, you can find and complete the 12 Treasure Maps in God of War. The Treasure Maps can be found all over the Lake of Nine and in other realms. Once you find one, you can look at it in the menu and see a certain location depicted. If you go to this location, you can then find some treasure which will contain Leiptr Alloy. 

There are a plethora of resources to find in God of War. (Picture: Sony)

The name of each Treasure Map is viewable below: 

How to find Leiptr Alloy in God of War
One of the Treasure Maps in God of War. (Picture: Sony)

You shouldn’t need the Leiptr Alloy from all of the Treasure Maps in order to fully upgrade Kratos’ axe pommel. Of course, you can complete all 12 of them to fully round out your God of War experience. 


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