Is Goose Goose Duck on Xbox, PS4 or Switch?

Does Goose Goose Duck Have Crossplay?

Published: Dec 8th, 2022, 01:52

Does Goose Goose Duck have crossplay? Let’s determine whether you can play with your friends on other platforms.

If you’ve been on the gaming side of the internet recently, you’ve no doubt heard about Goose Goose Duck, the game similar to Among Us that blew up after BTS’s V tried out the game during one of his streams. Tens of thousands of players quickly logged on to give the game a try themselves after the stream ended, and the game’s player base is still growing rapidly. 

If you want to try out Goose Goose Duck with your friends, you might wonder if the game has crossplay so you can play on one platform while your friend plays on another. In this article, let’s go over the answer to players’ questions of whether Goose Goose Duck has crossplay.

Does Goose Goose Duck Have Crossplay?

goose goose duck crossplay platforms
Crossplay is available in Goose Goose Duck. (Picture: Gaggle Studios, Inc.)

Yes, Goose Goose Duck currently has crossplay between all of its versions. Because Goose Goose Duck is a party game like Among Us that is meant to be played with friends, it is definitely a good thing that the game has cross-play.

How To Turn Crossplay On In Goose Goose Duck

Crossplay is on by default when you play Goose Goose Duck. You will be able to be matched with players on other platforms from the moment you boot up the game. If you’re trying to join a lobby with your friends on other platforms, you won’t need to change any settings to make that possible.

How To Turn Crossplay On In Goose Goose Duck

Crossplay comes on by default when you start up Goose Goose Duck, allowing you to play alongside friends and strangers playing the game on other platforms. You cannot turn crossplay off in Goose Goose Duck, so, unfortunately, even if you don’t like the feature, you’ll need to play with it on.

It’s possible that developers could add a way to turn crossplay off in the future, but right now, there has been no word on this possible feature.

Goose Goose Duck Platforms

goose goose duck platforms pc mobile
Goose Goose Duck is available on both PC and mobile. (Picture: Gaggle Studios, Inc.)

Goose Goose Duck is currently available on multiple platforms, and crossplay is available for players on all of them. Goose Goose Duck is available for PC and for mobile, but not for any consoles at this time.

You can play Goose Goose duck on the following platforms:

  • PC (Steam)
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS

That’s all you need to know about which platforms Goose Goose Duck is available for you to play on, and whether crossplay is available for each of them. We hope this helps you in your quest to try out this exciting new game with your friends!

Written by Cole Podany

Cole is a Staff Writer at GINX Esports TV based in the United States. He’s a lover of all things horror and particularly loves old horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. You can also find him writing about Dead by Daylight and a slew of other games. Outside of writing for GINX, Cole loves cooking and his two cats. You can contact Cole for pitches at [email protected].

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