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505 Games Announces Crime Boss: Rockay City

Published: Dec 9th, 2022, 12:04

A brand-new Mafia game from publisher 505 Games is on the horizon: Crime Boss: Rockay City.

The latest game entry from Milan-based video game publisher 505 Games was unveiled at The Game Awards 2022 ceremony on 8 December: Crime Boss: Rockay City. The game is a massively star-studded co-op FPS set in 90s America, due to launch on 28 March 2023 via EGS and on consoles later next year.

Crime Boss: Rockay City will be developed by Czech game development firm Ingame Studios, comprising a team of veteran developers who have previously worked on acclaimed game titles: Mafia, Silent Hill, and other massive franchises.

Crime Boss: Rockay City also features an impressive cast, including prominent Hollywood celebs (some of whom will reportedly play as themselves), with the following actors all featuring in the debut trailer alone:

  • Michael Madsen
  • Chuck Norris
  • Danny Trejo
  • Kim Basinger
  • Danny Glover
  • Michael Rooker
  • Damion Poitier
  • Vanilla Ice

This is what 505 Games had to say about their new game:

Crime Boss: Rockay City centres around Travis Baker’s attempt to claim the underworld throne of Rockay City through a series of turf wars, robberies, and crazy side stories after the demise of the previous crime boss.

The game will feature both single-player components and a PVE multiplayer experience, allowing you to take part in heists with your friends. We will endeavor to update you regarding any further developments.

Written by Ryan Easby

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