Bitcoin mining powers Dutch tulip hothouses

Bitcoin mining powers Dutch tulip hothouses

A cryptocurrency miner and a flower grower have joined forces to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The two companies, based in the Netherlands, are using blockchain technology to streamline their operations. The miner is responsible for verifying transactions on the Bitcoin network, while the flower grower supplies tulips to customers around the world.

The tulip industry has suffered this year in the Netherlands, just as Bitcoin and the crypto industry have suffered during a year-long market turndown.

Dutch second biggest agricultural exporters

The Dutch are the second biggest exporters of agriculture in the world after the USA, and they are the biggest world producer of tulips. However, some greenhouse farmers have had to close their operations due to the high price of energy for heating their greenhouses.

In an article published on Wednesday by EuroNews, Dutch flower farmer Danielle Koning was quoted as saying:

“Some growers have decided, because of the increase in gas prices, to stop growing this year and see what happens next year. And in some cases it leads to bankruptcy,” 

Tulips join forces with Bitcoin

The article describes how Koning’s flower business teamed up with a bitcoin mining company in order to use the excess heat generated by mining machines to heat tulip hothouses.

With some bitcoin critics often comparing the cryptocurrency industry to the spectacular failure of the tulip bulb mania in the Netherlands of the 1700s, perhaps they can get some mileage out of this story of both industries combining.

In reality, the collaboration between a cryptocurrency miner and a flower grower could be just the beginning of many more partnerships between different industries in the future as blockchain continues to revolutionise how we do business today.

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